We are botanical, not chemical

Ink Frost is driven to redefine tattoo skincare. We pride ourselves in creating natural, innovative formulations that is simple and effective. Launched in 2021 by a tattoo artist from Vancouver, Canada, we realized a need in the market for an approachable tattoo skincare line, one that is all natural and embraces healthy, holistic healing. Ink Frost is also an advocate for self-expression, inclusivity and laughing all the time.

From the founder

You are my client and I am grateful everyday to have the opportunity to create art for you. You put in the effort to collaborate with me on something that you will wear on your body forever! This is why I've committed to making your tattoo live its best life. Your skin talks to me and I know what it needs. My goal is to provide you with the simplest, drama free tattoo skincare that is natural and effective. I'm inspired by your stories and I'll do my best to make sure your tattoos will continue to tell them for years to come.